'A structured solution for success'.

Progression through 10 levels

It makes perfect sense


Just like martial arts where students strive to the next belt colour or young swimmers who work hard to achieve their next distance badges, Bitesize Golf's 10 levels stretch pupil's talents and keep them engaged over a long period of time.

Learn everything about the game

There's so much to learn


Bitesize golf offers a positive learning experience where all the rules, the etiquette and a whole host of golf general knowledge can be taken on-board in simple bite-sized chunks.

Backed up with superb books

Exercise books help enormously with gaining knowledge


Pupils learn by having fun and doing, these highly informative resource books help explain through words and pictures. Pupils love taking the books home and continuing their learning by reading them over and over.

Engagement through fun learning

The learning cycle


When pupils are having fun, they will want to return time after time. As they do they improve and as they get better, they have even more fun and the success cycle is created, which in time delivers outstanding young players of the future.

Full golfing education

Total engagement during each session


Having a curriculum works for everyone. Pupils love each lesson being varied and fun, including quizzes and challenges covering all parts of the game. Coaches love the fact that each session is planned in detail which helps the flow of the lessons with no down time.

Reward and recognition

A sense of achievement


Each level of the programme is completed when pupils attain at least 5 passes out of 7 challenges. Stretching their abilities in every aspect of the game. The top levels incorporate Personal Achievement Record Sheets (PARS) which span across practicing, playing and competing.

Much more than just golf

Golf's traditions and history preserved


The game of golf is one of the best sports for upholding values and standards and this is an important factor of the Bitesize Golf programme. All aspects of etiquette are covered as well as a strong focus on essential life-skills like honesty and integrity, sportsmanship and fair play.

Personal development

Fitness, strength and health


When pupils have reach the higher, elite levels, they are introduced to practice regimes and topics covering the mental and physical sides of the game. Stretching and staying in shape by eating healthy foods are included alongside staying positive and coping with stressful situations.

The ultimate family sport

Bring the whole family into the sport


It's a fact that if kids play golf, the parents are far more likely to play more often or at least try the game for themselves. This means that every young Bitesize Golf student could potentially bring many new customers to your club. New consumers, new pupils, new business.

A secure future for the game

Young members = Healthy club


When pupils progress through Bitesize Golf curriculum, they actually become among the best educated members in the club. All the rules are covered, they understand care for the course and etiquette and are sure to be a credit to any thriving golf club with an eye to the future.

Best educated members

Golf needs kids, clubs need kids


The current balance of demographics in golf needs redressing and has done for years. Bitesize Golf is the solution to turn the slowdown into an acceleration to growth, it is the solution for the whole industry as a new generation is brought into the game.
















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