"Bitesize Golf is dedicated to growing participation in golf by creating a continuous pathway that offers a complete and comprehensive golf education for young players and supplying the best tools, support and products to coaches around the world".

Bitesize Golf's key objectives are detailed here below and on the rest of the web site. To grow the game of golf, to grow participation in golf and to develop the best coaching curriculum available in the sport. This cannot be achieved without creating the product and then developing a team of specialised, dedicated coaches. Experience has shown that the coaches do exist and that a majority of golf facilities are happy to welcome new young players and their families. Now is the right time to make a difference and begin this mission.

Tools needed to build an incredible junior development academy.


Bitesize Golf provides a suite of products to help you build and organise your junior coaching programme. You get a marketing pack, admin pack and lesson pack, delivered electronically as soon as you complete your registration.


The marketing pack even has all your personal contact details and can be printed by you locally or by us. It's possible to have any items such as banners and large print posters created for you.


Bitesize Golf can also help you with social media banners and web page templates to help you maximise your marketing reach.

Produce superb educational resource materials.


The Bitesize Golf exercise books are treasured by keen pupils as a complete golfing reference guide. As they progress, the young golfers pick up all the rules of the game, the essential etiquette and good practice required from the sport as well as a wealth of information on the golf swing and how to play the game.


There's so much to the course, it's covered over 10 exciting levels and goes on to include such varied topics as diet and fitness, the handicapping system and the many various formats that can be played.


All in all, it's builds up to be the most complete and comprehensive start any young player can get into the game, delivered by the best and most highly qualified coaches.

Recruit and retain pupils to grow an incredible academy.


Having a solid structured coaching programme encourages parents to get their kids into golf. A physical product showing the extent of the valuable education and the levels of progression and development makes it much more likely to gain new pupils to your programme.


It's easy for parents to understand the quality of coaching you're providing and the structured sessions of fun, excitement and challenge 'hook' the kids into the game like nothing else. Lessons fly by as there's plenty of content and variation.


Once you get kids on board, your academy grows and grows as those joining far outweigh those leaving.

Fun is the magic ingredient.


If your pupils are having fun, you can guarantee they will return.


If your pupils return time and time again, they will improve.


As your pupils improve, they have even more fun and the cycle repeats and repeats until they become elite performers and a credit to your coaching.


Bitesize Golf includes a host of games, challenges and activities that keep the fun levels at a peak. All aimed at utilising the task-focussed approach to learning and improving certain skills. Strive to complete the game or challenge and improvement is thrown in as a bonus.

The bigger the challenge, the greater the achievement.


The Bitesize Golf programme is specially designed to provide a step by step pathway up to the higher levels of performance as a golfer. The 10 levels incorporate a host of carefully gauged challenges aimed at stretching pupils abilities on a graduated scale.


If a player doesn't achieve the required standard, no worries, they can try again later after they've invested some practise time and maybe even had some one to one tuition in between classes.


The advanced and elite levels use a PARS (Personal Achievement Record System) card, which test their skills in three key areas of Play, Practice and Perform. All the hard work culminates in them receiving their certificate with a great sense of pride and achievement.

Make the sessions exciting.


The fast pace of the lessons are enough to keep excitement levels and a high pitch, but add in some games and the challenges under the 'pen of pressure' poised over the challenge sheet and it rises to another level.


A different set of topics each week, a different location, new skills to master and working towards moving up to a new level. These are just some of the components that keep the kids engaged and motivated, interested and inspired, it's often difficult to bring sessions to a close as they are enjoying themselves so much.


Much of this is difficult if not nigh on impossible without careful lesson planning and a solid structure. Bitesize Golf has all the ingredients you need to create an exciting coaching programme you will have fun in delivering.

Achievement, success and reward.


Getting through the first few levels and experiencing success and progress and a sense of achievement in quick succession, help to motivate pupils and encourage them to keep going. It can take a single series of lessons to move through Red and Orange, but Yellow might take a couple of series of 6.


As the levels progress, it does take most pupils a little longer to reach the required standards, which is another strength of the programme. It keeps pupils in your coaching for a sustained period of time so you can mould them into proficient young players.


This also means the programme is incredibly inexpensive to operate and superb value for everyone.

Talent flourishes in the right environment.


Bitesize Golf helps you create the absolute best environment for your pupils to grow, develop and flourish. A fun and friendly atmosphere at each lesson where excitement levels are high and tasks and challenges are mixed with games and exercises.


It's not much good having certain elements in isolation, the power of the Bitesize Golf programme is in the fact that all the many parts make up the whole and that's what gets incredible results.

Involve the whole family.


When a new young golfer comes along and starts to learn how to play golf, it's often the beginnings of a change of events within the whole family. If parents already play, they now have the opportunity to play more often and use the club facilities on a more regular basis.


Whenever special events come along, the family invest in new equipment for junior and it is quite common for kids to receive rewards for passing their various levels. All this and future members means it makes good business sense to have a thriving junior academy up and running.

Grow the game and your business.


The ultimate goal for Bitesize Golf is to help you grow a fantastic junior coaching business and in turn grow the game of golf in arguably the most important area.


By providing all the help and support along with the materials and products, the game can grow on a global scale. There will be a coming together of the best junior golf coaching specialists, sharing a common vision to get more kids into golf.
















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