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EZGO Tour 2015

Junior golf's alive and well in Gloucestershire, with enormous amounts of work being done by the County Golf Partnership and all the County officials. This is all backed up by the golf clubs themselves and here are a selection of clubs and events that will keep you competitive and sharpen your games throughout the whole year.

Check out the venues, they are specifically chosen for their family-friendly facilities and excellent layouts.

If you click on the club logos you will be taken to each club's Open entry page, where you can find details of each event Thornbury Golf Centre The Vale Golf Hotel Westonbirt Golf Club Oaksey Park Golf Club The Kendleshire Golf Club .

Enter as many as you can, they're great fun and will certainly improve your game and course management skills. Never worry too much about playing perfect golf, be patient, think about your good shots and good holes, the score is only 1 measure of your game.

Enjoy and keep smiling out there.

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The best introduction to fun, competitive golf at some of Gloucestershire's most junior friendly clubs.

There are 2 different EZGO Tours this year, one that appeals to young golfers who have handicaps and who play in various golf club Open events. This is the Division 1 Tour and will be played at the clubs listed below.

Division 1 clubs - For players with official CONGU handicaps (18 hole full course events)

Division 1 club logos Thornbury Golf Centre Minchinhampton Opens Chipping Sidbury Opens Forest Hills Opens Cotswold Hills opens Stinchcombe Hill Opens The Kendleshire Opens Bristol & Clifton Opens

The Gloucestershire EZGO Tour Division 1 links seamlessly with each golf clubs own Junior Open. You enter and play in the Open and your scores also count towards the EZGO Tour order of merit and you qualify for prizes at each event and overall prizes awarded at the end of the season. There's a one off entry fee for the Tour and that's it, just enter each event in the normal way with the Open entry fee.

Division 2 clubs - For players with no handicap or handicaps above 36 for girls & 28 for boys (9 hole events}

Division 2 logos The Vale of Glamorgan Canons Court GC & DR Westonbirt GC Thornbury GC Oaksey Park The Kendleshire Ullenwood Manor

The Gloucestershire EZGO Tour Division 2 is specially designed to provide new young players with opportunities to play competitive golf, have fun and make friends. It is the introduction level for players with or without club handicaps, played over 9 holes on a shortened course.

Tour finals images

Special rules ensure players do not score too highly so the emphasis is on enjoyment and excitement. The Tour visits 7 different golf clubs, which gives great diversity and provides valuable experiences of playing new courses.

Valuable sponsorship from the golf buggy company EZGO, means all participants get prizes and goodies presented at the final event at Canons Court Golf Club and Driving Range. These prizes are for various age groups at each and every event as well as the overall winners of the order of merit.

You can download your entry form by clicking the link above. The entry form has details on entry fees and methods of payment.

Each participant must have a signed parental consent form accompanying entry.

You can donwload one here >> Parental consent form

There are 8 events played throughout the golf season

  • Players can play in 1 event as a guest
  • Order of merit is decided on the best 4 scores achieved
  • Points awarded for position finished in each event
  • Players with official CONGU handicaps play in division 1 from tees of the day
  • Players with junior handicaps or no handicap play from forward tees in Division 2

If you have any questions you can contact David Gosling, organiser of the tour for Gloucestershire at dave@bitesizegolf.com