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The benefits of incorporating golf in the prospectus

There has never been a better opportunity to get golf into your school and onto your prospectus in a meaningful way. Your pupils can learn a new sport, develop new skills and enjoy taking part in one of the 'coolest' sports around.

extended hours programmesExtended hours programmes
Your new after school golf club will excite and enthrall all your budding new golfers. They will learn everything they need to know about the game as well as acquire and develop great golf swings. They can then go even further and exit to traditional golf down at the club or create and run the schools very own golf club.




after school clubsAfter schools
The coaching sessions can take place during curriculum time or ideally as an after school activity. Running for up to an hour, pupils can register for the golf sessions and form the new golf class, learning all the basics that will stand them in good golfing stead for the rest of their lives.




the school golf clubThe school golf club
It's not in the realms of fantasy, schools can have their own golf clubs, where membership is encouraged, handicaps awarded and a whole series of competitions and tournaments arranged. There can even be special guest course designers and matched between various houses, girls versus boys or if you dare pupils versus teachers.



pupil focussed coursesPupil focussed
All of these classes and activities are pupil focussed, meaning the pupil is at the heart of everything that's created. They will learn the basics they need to decide whether golf's the game for them and they can be directed towards the nearest suitable, family-friendly golf facility. The whole structure works because it's fun, it builds confidence and it's rewarding.



addition to prospectusA great addition to your prospectus
Unlike many initiatives which involve a golf coach arriving at the school with some fun and games with sponge balls and something that hardly resembles a golf club, this schools programme sets out to achieve specific results. To engage your pupils, to help them learn new skills and to offer them real opportunity to progress and develop further into the game if they so desire.



complex skills made simpleComplex made simple
Step by step in bite-sized chunks, that's the way pupils will learn what can be an extremely complex set of skills and complicated rules. Everything is covered in a way that youngsters understand and when they have an interest in something and are taught whilst in a state of excitement, the results can be dramatic and spectacular.



success orientatedSuccess orientated
All levels of the programme ensure high levels of success are achieved. The challenges are designed to stretch the pupils abilities and make sure they focus on the tasks before them, but they can be modified to take into account age and size and even variants in weather conditions.




every pupil achievesEvery pupil achieves
That's one key to ensuring they enjoy the lessons and want to continue to higher levels. Pupils also understand that there are further levels and set their sights on progressing right to the top. Just like other sports, they want the next coloured belt or distance badge, with Bitesize Golf, the certificate is a worthy goal.




cross curricularCross curricular opportunities
Once the programmes are established in your school, there are many opportunities to incorporate the golf classes into other lessons. Keeping scores and then using them in mathematics to add, subtract or divide gross or nett scores and handicaps. Work out stroke differences for various forms of golf or design a course using mapping skills. There are many subjects like English, IT, Physics, Mathematics, Art and Sociology that all lend themselves to the golfing context.



closed loop learningClosed loop learning
The learning through SNAG is interactive and exploratory whereby pupils learn effectively through experiencing the activities and receiving a high rate of positive feedback. The training tools backed up by the resource books incorporate multiple senses, which further enhance the information gathering processes.