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Bitesize Golf offers a uniques series of opportunities and programmes to really create or consolidate the development of your junior section.
These are not annual initiatives, free offers or quick-fix, sticking plaster approaches. They are tried and tested methodologies and strategies for getting the key ingredients together in the right order.
They offer medium and long-term solutions that will bring new players, a new audience and new life to your club.
Bitesize Golf is about working together, it's about help, support and mentorship to develop players, grow participation and grow the game.






























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A new approach to developing your club's junior section

There is a system and a formula to creating a solid, sustainable junior section and it requires the combined efforts of some key individuals. Once you know what they are and you put them in place, you will build and develop a section that will help grow participation in golf and secure its future. It will, in turn support and secure your club's future, it will bring new life into it and you will find parents and grandparents spending more time at the club, becoming members and using the facilities.

Does your club have all the pieces to complete the picture?

Puzzle pieces

Bitesize Golf adresses many, if not all of the issues some clubs have when it comes to running their junior sections...

  • How do we get more junior members?
  • What age should they go out onto the course?
  • We can't have too many new young players around the club.
  • There aren't any children near the club, they can't get here.
  • We've tried things in the past, they didn't work, kids nowadays don't want to play golf, they just want to sit on computers.
  • Our golf lessons have just ended up as child-minding sessions.

There are hundreds of questions, reasons and excuses as to why it might not have worked or why it might have proved difficult in the past.

Bitesize Golf is built with solutions in mind, based on many years of experience attending meetings, conferences and seminars around the world, hearing the same questions meeting with the same answers and funny enough the same results.

How can we get involved?

There are several ways your club can start building an incredible junior section.

Admin pack - Lesson pack - Marketing pack

Your club can encourage your professional to register with Bitesize Golf, they will receive all the tools they need to recruit your new generation of young players. Direct them to the registration page and all they need to do is fill out the form and it all happens from there.

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Teacher training - Golf training for Level 1 & Level 2 coaches

Your club may not have a professional teacher, there are other options. Any Level 1 or 2 coach can deliver the first 2 levels of Bitesize Golf and they can attend the 'Teacher training' courses held in conjunction with the Schools Golf Partnership. This will give them the skills they need to teach the basic fundamentals of soft golf and traditional golf using the programme.

Click on the image to go to the SGP page.

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Golf Club Consultancy Programme

Bitesize Golf founder Dave Gosling operates a consultancy service, where systems and practices are put in place to ensure collective goals are achieved.

Working closely together your club will benefit from implementing strategies and structures that produce new players, new members and new opportunities.

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Golf Club Consultancy