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The future of golf

If every club had a full junior section, the future of the game would be looking very bright, but it's a fact that many clubs have very few juniors on thier books and even fewer that play regularly.

Well educated young players are a boon to any club, it means their parents often play more golf and spend more quality time at the club. They bring revenue to the club in the way of equipment sales and plenty of food and beverage sales and they are the young champion players of tomorrow, so there are many reasons to create and build a strong junior section.

Having focussed on this particular area of the game for over 30 years and specialised in coaching young golfers, there are many specific components to building a solid junior section. These are often missed, omitted or simply not known by the many well-meaning bodies who are tasked with 'growing the game'.

Like links in a chain, rungs on a ladder or ingredients in a recipe, if somethings missing or things are not in the right order, the results can be disappointing and frustrating. You end up with a broken chain, a destination you can't reach or a gooey mess in your mixing bowl.

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David Gosling - Founder Bitesize Golf, will work closely with your club to ensure your success in creating a strong, sustainable junior academy that will fulfil all the club's expectations.

Consultancy includes...

  • Appraisal of current situation
  • Setting up of goals and targets
  • Route map and strategy
  • Implementation of marketing campaign
  • Launch of programme
  • Continual monitoring of progress and developments

For a full consultancy document with no obligation, please email your request to this address