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Growing globally

Golf is growing rapidly around the world and Bitesize Golf offers a massive opportunity to accelerate this trend. The re-introduction of golf back into the Olympics has put golf on a new plane…

David Gosling, the Creator / Owner of Bitesize Golf is a member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews team of golf professionals who work as part of the Working For Golf development coaches. This series of programmes is available to PGA's, Federations and Associations who want to build the strongest foundations to develop the game in their specific territory.

Full training can be given to ensure the systems are in place and coaches understand the subtle nuances that make everything work and success can be assured.

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unique programmesUnique opportunity
There is no other programme series that offers as much as Bitesize Golf in terms of support, structure or service. It also offers unequalled value to the consumer and the coaches, with quality products and training and opportunities to establish and grow the very best golf education academies.




grow your territoryGrow your territory
There's no time like the present, at this moment in time key partners are being sought to run Bitesize Golf around the globe. In its simplest form Bitesize Golf is a controlled franchise opportunity where individuals can operate and run their own structured programmes with full training and support given year on year.




sustainable developmentSustainable development
Gone are the days of initiative followed by initiative, year after year, where coaches are asked to give a certain amount of free time, which is often taken by golfers wanting a free brush up lesson. With Bitesize Golf, coaches build their business right from the start in a time-justified manner, where every prospect has the opportunity to join right in withe the next courses.



knowledge and experienceKnowledge and experience
Based on 30 years of coaching young players and 15 years of dedicated programme development and research, the Bitesize Golf products are carefully designed to maximise the benefits for all. This valuable knowledge and experience is transferred through training and continual development, with methods and systems that can often have dramatic results.



rapid growthRapid growth
Once you start running the programmes, be prepared for the momentum to grow and build. It takes on a life of its own as word of mouth recommendations start to take effect and the profile begins to grow. There's really no shortage of people wanting to experience golf and with this system in place waiting for them, it's possible to expand operations very quickly.



competitive advantageCompetitive advantage
Many golf coaches offer something similar in the way of 6 lessons for the price of 5 or taster sessions followed by enough sessions to give the pupils the basics. New players are daunted by the prospect of picking up the club for the first time to playing in their first competition, it's a massive leap. A Bitesize Golf academy provides all the answers the new golfers are looking for.



minimal investmentMinimal investment
Becoming a Bitesize Golf licensee couldn't be easier or more straightforward and the way it all works means a very low set up cost, with a built in pay as it grows policy. This ensures everyone works to grow and develop the successful business which in turn helps to grow and develop the game of golf. Contact us for more details.



help and suppportHelp and support
These are critical factors to ensure success for everyone. Creating a brand that has high standards of delivery and service means everyone has to receive the highest standards of training backed up with help and support whenever it's needed. Continual development and training is given to all coaches on an ongoing basis.



complete solutionComplete package
Bitesize Golf offers the most complete, comprehensive and unique coaching offering available. The list is extensive with training, help and support given in areas of marketing, pr and promotion. All products supplied including course books, certificates and other marketing materials available along with lesson plans, report templates and coaches manuals. You can be on your own but not alone.



business in a boxBusiness in a box
Once the agreements are in place everything flows along. The training and implementation begins and all the systems are put in place. The various phases are planned, a few key indicators put in place and the development begins. The main point to consider is controlling the growth.




Partnership licenses are available for territories around the world,