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Once you've filled out this form, you will receive confirmation that you're accepted and your academy detals will be posted in the 'Find a club' section of this web site.
The next step is to get some marketing materials such as posters and flyers sorted and get your groups together.

There's a step by step guide here >>>


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Fill out the form if you would like to register as a Bitesize Golf coach, you will then have access to everything you need to get up and running with your very own Bitesize Golf Academy.

Admin pack Marketing pack Lesson pack
Registration forms Posters Lesson plans
Medical forms Brochures Report templates
Dates and times forms Flyers Challenge sheets
Payment summary forms Step by step guide  


  • Marketing pack - Bespoke with your details, printable on your own printer or through local professionals

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step by step guideGet your free Step by Step guide to setting up your own Bitesize Golf Academy when you register.

This 16 page guide gives you tips, tricks and advice on marketing, promotion and building a strong sustainable and highly profitable junior programme. Whether it's at your club, range or in local schools, you'll find some real gems contained within this book.

Registered coaches also receive valuable resources to help with administration and organisation, so you get every help possible to grow your business and grow the game.

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