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Schools can have their own after school Golf Club

Bitesize Golf is a company dedicated to offering the opportunity to play golf to all those who would like to have a go. Experience over the past 20 years have shown that golf is 'cool' with kids and there are many boys and girls wanting to play the game.
Golf has many merits, it is a fantastic sport for all the family and now it is being included in the 2016 Olympics, its popularity and profile is set to boom. Bitesize Golf aims to provide THE route to entry through programmes and structure that provide solid fundamentals of the golf swing as well as a broad knowledge of the game, which gives confidence and empowers all young players.

engagement in activitiesEngagement

Time and time again, teachers have expressed their amazement at the fact that the whole class are engaged in the golfing activities provided by SNAG. It's easy to take classes up to 36 pupils and to ensure they are all active and learning, having fun and staying safe.



all inclusiveAll inclusive

A static ball, a sport played at walking pace and a handicap system that ensure all players are technically equal, means the game of golf is accessible to all. Golf appeals to the most ardent, competitive sports-minded individuals because of the excitement and challenge of putting a low scoring round together. it also appeals to those who often do not participate in other reaction-based, faster moving sports.



aspirationalAspirational sport

Young people often get introduced to golf through their parents or grandparents but an increasing number are finding the game through the various games consoles. They can often be found competing against the tours best on some of the worlds best courses in the comfort of their own homes. Bitesize Golf in schools takes this interest and turns it into a passion by guiding them into the traditional and very real game.


excitingExciting experience

These programmes, the structure, organization and challenges means the sessions are full of fun and excitement. There are many drills, skills challenges and fun competitions that keep everyone focussed and engaged. The simple fact of learning a new skill and finding out you can do it is a great moment, the fact that the golf swing is complex yet you can still achieve good strokes is even more of a thrill.


life skills, citizenship and personal developmentLife skills, citizenship and personal development

Golf has it all, some of the highest standards of sportsmanship and good manners, it is often the envy of other sports. The constant battle of sportsperson against the course and themselves is one that demands a tremendous amount of self-control, patience and concentration.
The game is self-governing, which means you have to call 'foul' on yourself if you infringe the rules. It is customary to come to the aid of your opponent if they cannot find their ball, this encourages respect, consideration and courtesy. The list of qualities that golf engenders is extensive and simply playing the game develops the person in a positive way.

exit strategyExit strategy

The full series of Bitesize Golf programmes start at school and take the player to an advanced level of knowledge and playing ability. There's always the next level, something to strive for, with achievement and recognition along the way there's plenty to ensure the learning process is fun and rewarding.
Five or six lessons and there's the course is not necessarily the best way to start playing golf. A structured pathway with everything in place is the shortest and easiest way to get into the game, it is the best way to retain the trial player and help them to become a committed golfer.


The sessions are backed up with resource books and certificates, which help pupils to remember and understand what's been taught in each lesson. The resources add value to the learning experience as pupils can refer to them at any point in the future. They help with the rules, etiquette and general golf knowledge that's required to get the most from the game.
There are tips and techniques, drills and skills all aimed at taking the player forward so they can reach their own goals in the game.


snag golfSNAG Golf - Skills acquisition

SNAG is an acronym for Start New At Golf.
"In my opinion, the absolute best developmentally appropriate golf equipment in the game. A qualified instructor can easily teach the fundamentals of the golf swing and the essentials of the game quickly and easily". David Gosling FPGA.
Pupils concentrate on the task using the training tools and the learning is achieved through simple actions giving positive feedback using multiple senses.


the whole schoolThe whole school

What a fantastic opportunity to introduce a sport that could involve and engage the whole school. With simple handicapping, boys can compete with girls, year 7's can beat the year 12's. There's no need to get changed into PE kit, this could be a great addition to the school sports prospectus.